Bazooka-Farmstar Titan 2 Toolbar

Titan 2 brings an entirely new meaning to the word robust. Everything about it is bigger, badder and can handle the extremities you put your toolbar through. The body, the tower, the tires, the drop tubes. It's all larger. We could continue, but we think you get the point, the toolbar is extremely robust.

In-ground turns were made possible with the first Titan Series design and we are simply building on that promise. The position of the toolbar's tower is now further forward and more closely aligned with the tires. The tower re-position enables less resistance when the applicator turns around at the end of the field, while the Phantom units continue to inject at that ideal 4"-6" below grade depth.

When you go with the second generation Titan Series Toolbar, you go all in and width is no exception. The shortest width offering rings in at 39' wide and can be built up to 60'.

Titan 2 is compatible with unit spacing as narrow as 16" and has the ability to host 6 more Phantom units than the original, maxing the manifold out at 34 Phantom units.

Bazooka-Farmstar Titan Series Toolbar

The Titan Series Toolbar sees no match in end rows, as Titan makes full, effortless turns in the ground as the units continue to inject manure into the ideal root zone. This minimizes the amount of manure left above the ground and maximizes operator efficiency.

With its ability to make precision in-ground turns at the end of each pass, the Titan Series Toolbar will allow you to make the most of your manure and leave the field with the farmer's approval when the job is done. The tower design and position allow for those smooth in-ground turnarounds we've just mentioned, by reducing resistance on the bar as it 'corners' at the end of the field.

The tower now more closely aligned with the center section flotation tires, which has resulted in cleaner hose routing across the toolbar, maximizing flow and even distribution from the manifold while reducing the probability of hose kinking.

The Titan Series folds to a narrow travel width of 12-13' (unfolded width dependent) and can be pulled behind a one-ton, flat-bed truck making rural roads and narrow field openings easier to access.

Bazooka-Farmstar Standard Toolbar

Tested and proven for years, the rugged, Standard Toolbar brings efficiency and environmental responsibility to the application process.

The pull-type tongue on the Flex model is removable, allowing end-users the ability to mount the same bar on a 3-pt. hitch if they prefer. Keep scrolling for more Flex details.

With the ability to apply 3,000-12,000 gallons per acre, the Standard Toolbar equipped with Bazooka Farmstar Phantom units is a solid, liquid manure injection solution.

The structure of the Standard Toolbar allows the units to roll smoothly through various terrain, requiring less horsepower and fuel to pull the unit. The textbook definition of practical.

The advantage of a Standard Pull-Type Toolbar is eliminating the need to pick up at the end of each pass, minimizing the amount of manure discharged on top of the ground. We aim to please our customers and neighbors alike.

Bazooka-Farmstar Dietrich Toolbar

High rates and low rates alike are no match for the Dietrich Toolbar. Dietrich Toolbar Chisel Sweeps 8" or 12" Chisel Sweeps Chisel sweeps are incorporated along the toolbar for ideal application rates of 2,500 - 20,000 gallons (or more) per acre.

Our manifold is mounted low on the toolbar for easy accessibility and even distribution through each port for consistent nutrient coverage.

Positioned at each end of the bar, these stops prevent the swing arm from extending beyond intended means as the toolbar maneuvers around turns.

All Dietrich Toolbars are manufactured with 3/8" wall wings, 1/2" wall center sections, heavy-duty hinges, and swing arm support channels.

Bazooka-Farmstar Competitor Series Toolbar

This low-cost solution does not come at the expense of quality or durability. This economic answer was achieved through the theory of a low, price-based model, with optional upgrades that are used in the construction of our Dietrich Toolbar.

The Competitor Series base model is the ideal solution for start-up owners and operators, as well as small-scale manure handling operations. It is cost-effective and simple to operate, winning in more ways than one.

This toolbar comes standard with Brillion Shanks, splash pans, a CS Manifold, a Z-Swing Arm, and a hose swivel.

With widths spanning greater than 15', the Competitor Series toolbars have folding wings for ease of transportation.

Bazooka-Farmstar Titan Gentill Toolbar

This toolbar of the Titan Series line-up distributes manure evenly across all splash pans while performing the distinct turning and contour features of the prominent Titan Series. Titan GenTill Toolbar Precision Turn Similar to the Titan Series. The GenTill executes the distinct turning and contour features of the Titan Series product line.

Steinless steel splash pans line the 36' - 39' GenTill Toolbars, discharging liquid manure uniformly across all units.

Aerators allow manure to better absorb into the soil for optimal nutrient intake.

The Titan GenTill's tires reduce the amount of compaction created throughout the field. Keeping your farmers happy since 2016.

Bazooka-Farmstar Dribble Bar Toolbar

This toolbar's dribble lines are spaced one foot apart in order to achieve uniform coverage across the toolbar. The Dribble Bar folds to a 5.5' width.

The Dribble Bar allows operators to pump anywhere from 3,000 - 20,000 + gallons per acre through dribble lines that are spaced one foot apart from one another.

You can cover 36' - 45' of the field in one pass.

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