We handle custom forage harvesting, planting, bailing, manure hauling and trucking in east-central Wisconsin.

In The Area Since 1975

Tasch's Custom, LLC is involved in every aspect of custom farming, including forage harvesting, planting, baling, manure hauling, and trucking.

Customer Needs

We understand the unique challenges that the agriultural business offers. We strive to keep ourselves on the cutting edge of an expanding industry with the latest technologies in farming. With years of experience, we are upfront with best practices and answers that can work to make your operation more productive.

Safety Standards

Maintaining and following safety standards is critical in this industry. Our equipment meets DOT specifications at all times and our communication lines are always open with the DNR, meeting with them often to discuss farming procedures.

Additional Offerings

In addition to the custom services we provide, we also offer rental equipment, and a wide range of both new and used equipment and parts for manure handling and other equipment lines.