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Bazooka-Farmstar 2416 Crossfire Series Hose Reel

The 2416 Crossfire Series Hose Reel has the capacity to hold 1 1/8 miles of 10″ layflat hose or 2 miles of 8″ layflat hose.

Wind and unwind hose over two-times quicker with QDS integration, than with standard dual chain drive. The 2416 is the larger of the Crossfire Series Hose Reels, comfortably holding: 1.125 mi. of 10" layflat hose / 2 mi. of 8" layflat hose / 2.25 mi. of 7.25" layflat hose / 3 mi. of 6" layflat hose.

Bazooka-Farmstar 1810 Crossfire Series Hose Reel

This reel has been designed to pivot 120° above its axles when it is fully loaded, while meeting strict, DOT regulations.

Ringing in at 8' and 5" wide (101"), the CF-1810 is a DOT approved solution for moving hose. Perfect for those narrow country roads and field entrances.

The 1810 Crossfire Hose Reel Series may be the smaller reel of the series, but it holds it's own: .75 mi. of 10" layflat hose / 1.25 mi. of 8" layflat hose / 1.5 mi. of 7.25" layflat hose / 2.25 mi. of 6" layflat hose.

Bazooka-Farmstar 2416 Eclipse Hose Reel

This reel sizes up to be one of the largest capacity hose reels on the market. It's four wide flotation tires minimize compaction by evenly distributing its mass and gives it incredible stability.

The Eclipse is 10,000 pounds of greatness. We know what you are thinking. That's a lot of weight, which is why we have equipped this monster reel with 600 flotation tires.

The 2416, better known as the Eclipse, has the capacity to hold 16 sections (or 2 miles) of 8" hose or 9 sections (1 1/8 miles) of 10" hose. This reel is big.

Precisely place hose and couplers with the improved level wind design that has no sharp edges that could cause damage to your hose.

Bazooka-Farmstar 2012 Hose Reel

Little brother to the Eclipse, the 2012 provides the same benefits on a smaller scale.

The 2012 has the capacity to hold 12 sections (1.5 miles) of 8" hose or 7 sections (7/8 of a mile) of 10" hose.

Move hose at record speed with the integrated Quantum Drive System technology allowing total control of speed and torque, powered by dual motors in the palm of your hand. Rollin' like a big shot.

Welcome the next generation flotation tire. This retrofitable tracks option for our 2416 and 2012 hose reels, will allow custom applicators to get into the fields in wetter, less than ideal conditions without the expense of tearing up growers fields.

Bazooka-Farmstar 1810 Pivoting Reel

The 1810 Pivoting Reel has been revamped from its original design dated back to the 90's and has gained the ability to quickly pivot at high speeds for a tight, picture perfect wrap every time.

The 1810 comfortably holds 10 sections (1 1/4 of a mile) of 8" hose or 6 sections (3/4 of a mile) of 10" hose. For those of you that are not mathematically inclined, that is 20% more than comparable reels.

These tires are easily maneuverable and give the reel a sturdy stance while reducing compaction.

Bazooka-Farmstar 1408 Hose Reel

This reel can maneuver through fields that would typically be too muddy or wet and easily pass through areas where manure has already been applied without damaging the field's appearance.

14 sections of 6" (1 3/4 miles) or 8 sections (1 mile) of 8" hose are no problem for the 1408.

Operators can precisely place couplers on the reel while winding hose.

Walking tandem axles create a "walking" effect as they move independently of one another, making travel through ditches and over hills simple.

Bazooka-Farmstar 1000 Hydraulic Hose Reel

This reel gets the job done with minimal supplements and can easily travel to the next job with DOT lighting and DOT rated tires.

You can wrap 10 sections (1 1/4 miles) of 6" hose or 6 sections (3/4 of a mile) of 8" hose on the 1000 Hose Reel.

Patent pending, the Quantum Drive System technology is compatible with the 1000 hose reel, allowing you to have high speed and torque control in the palm of your hand.

Bazooka-Farmstar 700 Hose Reel

This reel is a cost-effective solution for one mile or less of 6″ hose.

The ideal solution for operations that are working with 1 mile of hose or less. This reel holds 8 sections (1 mile) of 6" hose or 4 sections (1/2 of a mile) of 8" hose. No problem.

The 700 can use upgraded tires to lessen your footprint in the field or swap Torlfex for Walking Tandem Axles to coast through rough terrain and ditches.

Bazooka-Farmstar 3 - Point Hose Reel

This reel preserves the life of your hose by providing a safe means of transport and saves you time by making laying out your hose for the next field convenient.

Hold 2-4 Hoses at a Time! Simplistic and practical, we offer two models of this 3-point hose reel to best accommodate your needs as you move sets.

Preserve the life of your hose by safely transporting, not dragging it, across the ground during set-up or mid-job.

Mount the 3 Point Hose Reel to the front or back of your tractor.

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