Bazooka-Farmstar Wolverine Manure Agitator

The Wolverine Series agitation boat is equipped with two high-powered, articulating propellers that circulate massive amounts of liquid at a high velocity, keeping solids in suspension throughout the agitation process.

The Wolverine's propellers are powered by a separate hydrostat hydraulic system from alternative machine functions for maximum efficiency and power. Each individual prop can reach flows up to 12,000+ GPM's.

The Wolverine is equipped with two 20" diameter, ragless, and fully articulating propellers. These props can be trimmed to 'zero out' in various positions when the user lets off the control joystick on the remote. Intentionally trimming the propellers in different positions enables more precise control, high directional flow, and a better handle on floating solids.

The Wolverine's high torque drive system has earned best in class climbing status. The vigorous drive system combined with large diameter, aggressive tires make climbing out of steep banks effortless.

Crab, front, and rear steer are made possible by the double-acting steering cylinders found on the front and rear of this agitation boat. The steering linkages keep the tires in sync at all times while the boat is in operation.

The prop-based design of this agitation solution provides extreme agility, maneuverability, and a high level of control, never at the expense of agitation.

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